Liquidity Automation


With Hydro you can automate your liquidity purchases and never have to worry about not being able to receive a payment again.


Credits are necessary to be able to use Hydro because we will be purchasing liquidity automatically for you.

To start you need at least 100,000 credits.


Buying liquidity has a cost and we will optimize so that you get the best purchase for the best price.

A 0.2% management fee is added on top of the cost of liquidity. This percent is based on the size of the liquidity purchased.

Let's get you started with Hydro!

  1. 1. Connect a Node to your Account

  2. 2. Enable Hydro notifications

  3. 3. Add credits to your Account

  4. 4. Create a Management Plan

  5. 5. We handle everything from here!

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